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Spectra Property Services excells in termite control and prevention services in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.

What Are Termites?

Known as the silent destroyers, termites are the world’s most common and destructive pest. These pests damage countless buildings and structures leading to a loss of billions of dollars each year.

Most common among termites are the Subterranean termites that attack your property by coming up from the underground soil. Other, less common, termites include smaller drywood termites and invasive Formosan termites. Even though termites swarm in spring from March to June, the colonies themselves can remain active throughout the year. They can continue to work as long as they stay warm. And as long as they continue to work, they continue to threaten your property.

Termite Treatment

Most people don’t even know they have a termite problem until they suffer structural damage or see a swarm. A few signs to identify you have a termite problem is if you have bubbling or uneven paint on your structure, the wood in your building has darkened or blistered or the wood when tapped sounds hollow. You will also notice mud tubes which termites use to reach its food source and their discarded wings near the building entrances. Although treatment methods for commercial structures are similar to residential buildings in some ways, a few special considerations need to be taken into account before treatment. Effective control of termites requires an accurate identification of the species and a thorough inspection to determine the full extent of the infestation. Treatments that can be used for a termite infestation include baits, liquid soil treatments or in some rare cases wood treatment. Fumigation is also commonly used in drywood infestations.

Signs You Might Have a Termite Problem

  • Bubbling or Uneven Paint
  • Darkened Wood
  • Blistered Wood
  • Wood Sounds Hollow Sound When Tapped

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Termite Prevention (Pre-Construction Treatment)

It is important to remember that prevention is always better than finding a cure for your termite problems. Commercial structures usually require a “pretreat” or termite prevention of new construction buildings. This is sometimes a prerequisite by the lender, builder or building code. The planning and construction stage are the best time to get protection against termites. Concrete slabs are commonly used in construction these days and when a slab cracks or moves away from the foundation, it gives termites an easy way to infest the structure above. Moreover, these concrete slabs also have other points of entry such as structural joints, plumbing outlets, etc. The goal is to treat these areas by providing a barrier between the soil and the structure. Care must be taken so that the pesticide does not enter the drainage system when spraying it on each and every foundation element in the soil.

When it comes to termite control Spectra Property Services are trained experts in their field. With more than 30 years of experience, we have the skills and team to meet the commercial pest control service needs of your organization. Our team has the talent and resources to do the job effectively the first time. We will understand your concerns in detail and create a customized package to solve all your pest problems. Our customized termite control packages are designed to provide continuous protection for all current termite problems and help stop future infestations. You will get complete peace of mind knowing that your termite problems have been dealt with by professionals.

Spectra Property Services can help keep your property safe from termites.

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