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At Spectra Property Services, we strive to be on the leading edge of the property inspection industry in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Commercial property pertains to real estate that is used for business purposes. It generally refers to buildings that are occupied by businesses, but it can also mean real estate land that is used to generate profit, as well as larger rental properties that are residential in nature. These can include Apartment Buildings, Retail Centers, Offices, Industrial Buildings (such as Warehouses), Hotels, Motels, Storage Buildings, Churches, and other commercial buildings.

Investing in commercial property is not something to be taken lightly. It is always advisable to do your due diligence and get the property inspected before investing your time and money in it. Commercial Property Inspections are primarily done to provide a glimpse of the existing conditions of a property to potential buyers. This includes using industry accepted standards to evaluate the remaining life of the structural components, roofing, electric wiring, plumbing and HVAC systems. These inspections normally take into account what needs to be repaired or replaced in the next five years.

There are certain industry standards in place for life expectancies when getting a commercial property inspection done. For instance, the structure of the building is expected to last approx. 70 years, plumbing should have a life of 40-60 years, upgrading of electric wiring and systems after a maximum of 50 years and others like it. These inspections can take up to a day depending on the level of detailing done during the inspection.

Moreover, getting an inspection done with infrared thermal imaging can help you identify various types of issues such as problems in the foundation structures, insufficient insulation, electrical shortages and others which are not visible to the normal eye. Even something as small as water leakage can build up to a massive problem that can take days to repair, even weeks.

Why get a property inspection?

  • Safety of Staff & Clients
  • Financial Strategy Planning
  • Negotiation Leverage
  • Operations Planning 
  • True Property Value

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It is very important to get an inspection done as any issues with the property can have a major impact on the safety of your staff and clients, not to mention the way it will affect your finances and operations and may even give rise to legal issues. The inspection could also have a significant impact on the actual value of the commercial property in the real estate market. Getting a thorough assessment done will give you an upper hand if there are any issues and you will be able to negotiate a better deal with the property owner or drop the deal completely.


Spectra Property Services provides inspections of commercial properties to assist businesses, investors, developers and mortgage lenders to make an informed decision when investing, buying, selling, lending, leasing and managing property. We use Infrared technology during the inspection process to help you avoid larger problems in the future. The results of the commercial inspection are then provided in a detailed computer-generated report on the overall condition of the building that adheres to the current standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Determine the true value of your commercial property with Spectra Property Services.

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