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We specialize in commercial building inspection reports. Spectra Property Services is your trusted resource for asset inspections.

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The Spectra team specializes in commercial inspections and uses the latest technology to see any possible problems. Our inspection services are intact for all commercial and business applications such as commercial real estate inspections, inspect multi-family housing, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, warehouses, retail stores, strip malls, apartments and industrial structures located throughout Texas but primarily in the local Dallas / Fort Worth area and surrounding Texas Counties including Tarrant County, Parker County and Johnson County.

Our Inspection Team headquarters resides in Mansfield and your inspection outcome is provided via a through inspection report. Our team has completed courses in construction at the University of Texas and Texas A&M, and through trade-related training institutions.

Our Inspection reports are web-based, and you will receive your report electronically–typically the same day but certainly no later than 24 hours after we complete the field portion of the inspection. Our commercial reports are concise and categorized by field, issue, building, floor, unit, and area. All items are supported with a short narrative and color digital photos.

Property Inspections

The purchase of a commercial property is not something to be taken lightly. One of the best decisions you can make when looking to purchase a commercial property is to get a property inspection. Find out the true value of your property. Let Spectra Property Services give you the peace of mind to make an informed purchase decision with a commercial property inspection.

Asbestos Inspections

At Spectra Property Services, we are skilled in the detection of asbestos in commercial properties. We offer non-biased asbestos surveys and aid in  planning for asbestos removal and/or managing the situation in commercial properties. Let us help make sure your property is safe for your business and staff.

Sewer Cam Inspections

The Spectra Team specializes in sewer cam inspections. Pinpointing the location of issues eliminates guesswork and saves time and money that might have been wasted on trial and error locating/digging. Let Spectra Property Services help you prevent a major sewer disaster with early detection.

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