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Dallas Commercial Construction including Building, Apartment Construction, Remodeling, Renovation and Inspection Repairs
in the Dallas, Fort Worth area including Mansfield and Arlington.

  • Spectra Commercial Construction / www.spstx.comwww.spstx.com
  • Dallas Apartment Remodel BeforeEntire External Re-Design
  • Apartment-RemodelFoundation, HVAC and Exterior
  • Spectra Commercial Construction ServicesIntroducing Upcoming Brixs Apartments
  • Spectra ConstructionRe-Model 1960 Dilapidated Design to NEW 2016 Appeal
  • Spectra ConstructionMailbox Reconstruction
  • Spectra Apartment Remodel coming soonUnstable Balcony Replacement
  • Spectra ConstructionApartment Reconstruction
  • Bathroom Steel FrameworkBathroom Steel Framework
  • Spectra ConstructionCommercial Welding
  • Spectra ConstructionInterior Design w Lighting
  • Spectra ConstructionDeep Ellum Patio
  • Spectra Construction Complete Renovation incl Electric, HVAC and Plumbing
  • Upcoming Construction Redesign www.spstx.com
  • Apartment-Exterior-RedesignApartment Exterior Redesign
  • Spectra ConstructionStructural Damage Reconstruction
  • Spectra ConstructionDeep Ellum Steel Patio / Welding
  • Spectra ConstructionApartment Pool Pergola
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We strive to reach the highest standards and our commercial construction projects reflect our business goals. Spectra Commercial Construction provides service for multi-family, apartments, buildings, hotels, office construction, and shopping centers. Our professional construction team includes registered and certified electricians, plumbers, welders, framers, roofers, technician and inspectors.

We look forward to talking to you and we invite you to call or email us to discuss your goals. Meanwhile you can review some of our commercial construction work detailed below;

Spectra Commercial Construction Project (right image) Apartment Renovation, Remodeling called The Brix in Dallas, Tx. Reconstruction services are in progress and will include total exterior including balcony, foundation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
Apartment Remodel Construction in Process | www.spstx.com | Spectra Construction Services
Spectra Construction and Inspection Services | Spectra Property Services | www.spstx.com / www.spectra-inspections.com
Scroll the images below to see some of our recent commercial projects.
Spectra Commercial project (right image) Deep Ellum Brewing Company patio construction including all welding and aesthetic development.
Deep Ellum, Dallas Construction including Welding and Patio | Spectra Construction | www.spstx.com
Spectra Construction and Inspection Services | Spectra Property Services | www.spstx.com / www.spectra-inspections.com



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